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At Ehrlich, we understand the discomfort and health risks mosquitoes bring to your home and family. Our state-certified and licensed technicians are experts in identifying and eliminating these pests, ensuring your space remains mosquito-free.

Using advanced, EPA-registered products, our team targets areas where mosquitoes breed and rest, like bushes, trees up to 10 feet, and standing water. We’re not just about immediate relief; our monthly service offers long-term protection, adjusting treatment based on your local climate.

For those planning outdoor events, our one-time service reduces mosquito presence, making your gatherings enjoyable and bite-free. While our detailed inspections are complimentary, pricing varies, reflecting your unique needs and home size.

Eliminating Mosquitoes– The 3-Step Solution:

Step 1: The Inspection

A free, thorough inspection of your property is the first step to effectively control and eliminate mosquitoes. At Ehrlich, our mosquito experts know how to identify what type of mosquito is buzzing around your property and find the areas where mosquitoes are breeding.

Step 2: The Treatment Plan

No two pest problems are alike, so you can count on Ehrlich’s pest control professionals to give you a detailed, custom treatment plan that will take care of the mosquitoes on your property.

  • Our treatment plans come with a 30-day guarantee. We will return to your property as many times as you want or need during the 30-day window to ensure your mosquito problem is under control.
  • Our mosquito adulticide will eliminate mosquitoes on contact. It’s applied with a power sprayer or mist blower to plants, shrubs and small trees. It kills mosquitoes when they land on treated surfaces and repels them for several weeks after the application.
  • We use our mosquito larvicide treatment to focus on standing or stagnant water on your property. Since these areas are a perfect environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, it’s important to treat them and get rid of mosquitoes before they become biting, disease-carrying adults.

All our treatments are safe for your family, your pets and your environment. And you can count on Ehrlich to work closely with local health departments and government agencies about the number and types of mosquitoes we find and treat. Our information sharing helps local municipalities decide the most effective places for their own mosquito control efforts.

Step 3: Ongoing Protection

The end of summer doesn’t signal the end of mosquito control and treatment. That’s why Ehrlich offers a Mosquito Service Plan that gives you year-round protection. Our highly trained technicians will visit your home every month to create an invisible and lethal wall around your property that keeps mosquitoes out. Our monthly barrier treatments are fast-acting, long-lasting and odor-free. You can also expect them to:

  • Kill adult mosquitoes when they enter and land
  • Reduce mosquito populations
  • Prevent mosquito reproduction
  • Provide tick control

How It Works:

Ehrlich Pest Control has been committed to our customers for more than 90 years. We blend those years of experience with the most current technology to treat termite infestations that might secretively be lurking inside your home.

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