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At Ehrlich, we understand that bed bugs are a concern for any homeowner. Our team of local, licensed technicians is here to provide the effective solutions you need to keep your home bed bug-free. With our state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading knowledge, we offer a variety of treatments to target these persistent pests.

Our PestFree365+ plan, tailored for your unique needs, includes regular inspections and unlimited service calls, ensuring that bed bugs don’t stand a chance in your home. Our technicians, living in the communities they serve, bring a local touch to their expert services, creating a trustful and professional experience.

For bed bug infestations, we use comprehensive methods like heat treatment and steam remediation, tailored to the specific needs of your home. Our commitment is to provide not just a one-time solution but a year-round protection plan, PestFree365+, that guards against bed bugs and other common pests. This plan, combined with our EZ Pay option, offers a worry-free approach to pest control, ensuring your home stays pest-free all year long.

Eliminating Bed Bugs – The 3-Step Solution:

Step 1: The Inspection

It’s unlikely you will be able to eliminate bed bugs on your own. At Ehrlich, our experts will begin with visual inspections to find bed bugs that may be hanging out in your mattress, bedding or other areas of your home. Our professional technicians are trained to know what to look for. Depending on what life stage the bed bugs are in, they can be hard to spot. We will find the infestation and put an end to it.

Step 2: The Treatment Plan

One of the most obvious ways to know you have bed bugs is to wake up with bites you didn’t go to bed with. It’s best to call a professional pest control service to find, treat and get rid of them. Ehrlich technicians are continually training and learning the best ways to eliminate this common pest. We use a variety of conventional methods that include liquids, dusts or aerosols, as well as more specialized options.

  • Our pest control professionals may determine steam treatments are the best method for elimination. Our steam treatment process will allow us to treat your mattress, box springs and upholstered furniture and rid them of any bed bug infestation.
  • Heat treatments are an effective and environmentally friendly form of bed bug treatment. Bed bugs don’t like heat and the treatment can wipe out infestations. Our experts will gradually heat up the rooms in your home to above 120 degrees for up to three hours and monitor the infestation with temperature sensors and infrared thermometers.
  • It’s no secret that dogs have an amazing sense of smell. Ehrlich has a team of dogs specifically trained to detect and locate bed bugs and their eggs. Our K9 detectives can find bed bugs inside your walls, furniture and mattresses.

Step 3: Ongoing Protection

Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we follow-up with every customer whose home we treat. Our technician will inspect the areas where the bed bugs have been and do extra treatment that is needed.

Just because you’ve gotten rid of bed bugs doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Dirty laundry isn’t the only thing you can bring back from a vacation or business trip. Bed bugs can travel home with you. Our year-round protection program can ensure your home is properly protected at all times. Our expert technicians will treat or inspect your home any time you need us.

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Ehrlich Pest Control has been committed to our customers for more than 90 years. We blend those years of experience with the most current technology to treat termite infestations that might secretively be lurking inside your home.

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